Potty Plant is the only in-home toilet training system for puppies and dogs delivered to your door. Don't waste time, energy, and money on puppy pads or synthetic grass. These products end up in our landfills and require daily cleaning. Most dogs have no idea how to use them because dogs naturally want to wee on REAL grass!

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REAL GRASS dog toilet

Your secret toilet training weapon!

With a miniature backyard at your disposal, your dog will jump at the chance to use the Potty Plant dog toilet. It’s your all natural, 100% eco-friendly, alternative to plastic pee pads and stinky germy fake grass!


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AUSTRALIA'S 1st real grass

dog toilet for urban dogs

No Smell. No Mess. Real Grass Dog Toilet.

Over 10,000 happy pooches

Not only is Potty Plant the easiest way to toilet train your dog - it’s also endorsed by Dr Glen Richards from Shark Tank!

“Go Potty Plant! - Bringing nature into apartment living. Real grass, No pee stench, Great solution for a smelly problem!”  - Dr Glen Richards

It's MESS-FREE, quick and easy to use Potty Plant

Dogs instinctively gravitate towards real grass.

They just know what to do with the Potty Plant. Simply place it on the balcony or in your preferred space and you will find your dog taking care of himself just like he does at the park! 


Remember how your place smelled BEFORE your dog arrived?

Say goodbye to stinky pee pads and scrubbing fake grass to keep those germs at bay.







Uses real grass which absorbs pee and pee odours. Unlike fake grass toilets that harbour germs and require daily emptying. Your dog will know what to do instinctively, just like at the park. So no more accidents!

No more waking up early or rushing home from work just to take your dog out to the toilet - this is your portable backyard that your dog will use and adore!

Dogs are naturally attracted to do their business on real grass so we guarantee yours will love the potty plant from first sniff or your money back!

Getting started with 

The first step is to order a Starter Kit that includes the Potty Plant - our patented tray that holds and protects the grass, plus the first grass. 

Because fresh grass is a living thing, it does a great job of absorbing odours. That also means it needs to be replaced frequently.  Once the fresh grass needs replacing, sign on to a Grass Subscription that can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly to your door. 

Order your STARTER KIT online now.
We offer the best quality grass and best value  subscription in Australia at $29.95 per week (with the purchase of a Potty Plant Tray)

Still not convinced? See what our customers say about us...

These two pups are absolutely loving their new Potty Plant! Every indoor dog owner out there, your pooch seriously needs one of these they are awesome. No smell, no more accidents and your best friend will certainly thank you for it. Ships straight to your door. Thank you potty plant.  

Brooke C - Kyneton VIC - ★★★★★

An amazing product. From day one home with our puppy she was drawn to the grass! Within three days she was fully toilet trained because of this! Georgie loves the grass and gets excited about the new arrival of the grass! Best part is no mess and no smell! Thank you! 

Michelle B - Cooks Hill - ★★★★★

I got this mainly for my 15 year old JRT who thinks using the doggy door and the five steps down to the backyard is a bit too much for an old lady. Works excellent, she just adjusted to it in a few weeks automatically. As I live in Tasmania I could only get the frame but I pick up instant turf every two weeks from a local nursery. Easy as!

Anna E - Hobart - ★★★★★

So I’ve been worried about how to balance living in a high rise unit with my beautiful Cashy and doing some part time work. Enter the Potty Plant starter kit. Yes, not cheap but the pee pads and synthetic grass things provided no interest to my fussy little lad. It arrived today. I put it out on the balcony, showed Cashy, pointed at it, said the magic words and bingo! The pee flowed within 3 seconds. Oh thank you, Universe! And the makers of this brilliant product. Now I can go tomorrow and not be filled with anxiety about my boy’s welfare

Debra L - Gold Coast - ★★★★★

After over a year of smelly puppy urine on synthetic grass and many hours of disinfecting and scrubbing, I finally had the grass removed and put down pavers, to no avail, the pavers were porous resulting in the same issue, then sealed the pavers which only slightly improved the problem. A big Thanku to Potty Plants for pets, amazing, no more smell and no more stress over the stench of urine.

Michelle H - Hendra QLD - ★★★★★

We have been using potty plant for over a month now on a weekly subscription. It’s been amazing! Our Samoyed puppy used it instinctively and although we had a problem with her digging we purchased the grate which solved that issue. There is no smell (unless she misses which something happens when she is being lazy) and easy to change. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Dannielle A - Moorebank - ★★★★★

Potty Plant is a pleasure to work with. I had a dog in a unit, and thanks to Potty Plant toilet training was a breeze. We never had bad smells, the grass delivered was always fresh and kept for the duration promised, the gloves and sheeting provided were super convenient, delivery was consistently timely, and customer service was second to none. Highly recommended!

Kate W - NSW - ★★★★★

Cannot rate the potty plant any higher. We got our little plot of grass for 11 week old Tennessee the toy poodle and she has taken to it like a duck to water. She has even started to walk herself there on occasion. Obviously it is still a long way to go with the toilet training but the potty plant will make is so much easier. Knowing the potty plant is at home while we are at work takes a lot of stress off knowing Tennessee has somewhere not the carpet to go to the toilet.

Everyone with a pup or dog living in an apartment or with a small courtyard check out the potty plant. You will not be disappointed

Belinda W - Arncliffe - ★★★★★

Adopting our little furbaby Chilli when she was 11 weeks old was a massive blessing for us, but as Simon and I didn't create her, we didn't have 9 months to prepare for her arrival! We live in an apartment in Canada Bay and wanted to make sure things went smoothly with our little 4 legged room mate. We bought all the usual basics, bed, bowls, food, toys and toilet training pads. We had heard about a top notch dog behaviour specialist and got them to come out and meet our little family. It was because of Esme that we heard about Potty Plant and she encouraged us to check it out. So we did. The moment we jumped online and saw what is was all about we had to have one!

Chilli took to it immediately. We have not had any accidents indoors since we got the Potty Plant and it's a dream in terms of up keep. We are currently on a fortnightly subscription and it's very easy to clean and replace. We had some issues with Chilli digging (as dogs do) but Julia was super helpful and we then also got the grate/ cage to sit on top of the grass to prevent Chilli from getting to it. It's done wonders. We recommend Potty Plant to anyone we speak to who have dogs in apartments and they all marvel at the fact it's real grass. This was definitely one of our best purchases for Chilli to date!

Dianna I - Concord - ★★★★★

The Potty Plant has been a god send for me and my little dachshund Albert. We started off with one of the fake grass toilets but it was really smelly, had to be emptied all the time and just wasn't nice. Albert loves the real park grass that we get delivered every 2 weeks and hasn't had any accidents inside since we got it! The real grass doesn't smell, looks a lot better, and the service from Julia and the PP team is always incredible. Great for people in apartments!

Toby D - Randwick - ★★★★★

This has changed our lives in one day! Winston has taken to this overnight and he is a 9 week old puppy. The product has impressed me so much. Highly recommended.

Victoria C - Wollongong - ★★★★★

Product quality and service exceptional! Potty Plant was the solution to my problem when I had to puppy sit Abby our family dog (German Short-haired Pointer). Abby is 6yrs old and has been raised with a grass backyard so looking after her for X2weeks in an apartment was going to be a stress for me not having access to grass for her while i was at work, I was worried for the stress it would have put on Abby but also for potential accidents. Potty Plant solved all those issues for both Abby and myself and we had a successful 2-week stay together - thanks Potty Plant

Daniel T - Erskineville - ★★★★★

We want to thank you for all your hard work in getting our new potty plant to us so fast!

We had a very bad experience with another real grass supplier and thankfully you came to the rescue and it's an amazing product! Clearly we should've gone to you first!!!

Thank you!! Max loves it!

Nick G - Caulfield - ★★★★★

Switched out from a synthetic grass pet loo to Potty Plant and totally love it! My little Cocoloco has been raised as an apartment dog all her life (she's 8) and I didn't even need to teach her she jump d straight on. Now when the new grass arrives she even enjoys having a little nibble on the new grass  excellent service I highly recommend it.

Ingrid H - Melbourne - ★★★★★

We use the Potty Plants in our daycare and they have been amazing! Helps keep the mess and smell down and reinforces the training techniques furmums and dads have taught at home.

Sarah I - Heidleberg West - ★★★★★

My partner thought it was a waste of money, because Lexi is 11 years old. How could we expect Lexi to adjust to this Potty Grass, well Lexi did and we are thrilled. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Just love your product. As we live in a unit, less steps for these old legs.

Barbara S - Gold Coast - ★★★★★

Last week I posted on my 'I love dachshund Melbourne fb page about living in an apartment and dealing with smelly pee pads and fake grass, it was suggested I try 'Potty Plant', well Daisy and George have been using this for a week now and so far, NO SMELLS AT ALL!! it is fantastic, no more washing the balcony and they have taken to using it so easily, so for anyone living in an apartment with the same issue, read up on Potty Plant' and give it a try, so well worth it, I am wrapt!!…

Sue E - Melbourne - ★★★★★

Such a great product and the customer service and support that comes with it makes this a stand out

Eve E - Brisbane - ★★★★★

Thank you Potty Plant for a great product and service

Julie C - Rosebery - ★★★★★

We bought the Potty Plant for our mini dachshund, Arnold. He is 3.5 and absolutely loves it (especially if he feels like having a little snack too!!) Arnold has grown up in an apartment and we always used to buy the fake grass for him which would seep through and smell. The Potty Plant doesn't do either of these and lasts for weeks. Plus being real grass it gives Arnold a proper spot to do his business. Thanks Potty Plant for the great service and quality product. We think it is amazing!!

Natalie L - Brighton - ★★★★★

Love this product. More importantly, my dogs love it. No more smelly synthetic grass. Great service. Brilliant idea. Wish I'd thought of it.

Jane H - North Sydney - ★★★★★

PottyPlant is the best. My puppies Fofo and Koko, both Maltese Schitzu, are trained to litter on the grass in my background. However, working long hours means I often have them indoors. Pottyplant means the puppies can still litter on natural grass and it avoids me coming home late after work to dirty puppy pads. It also means I can come home to a house that doesn't smell. The pottyplant is also great value for me as it works out cheaper than puppy pads. Thanks for featuring Fofo and Koko!

Abdul J - Drummoyne - ★★★★★

My 2.5 yr old mini schnauzer was raised out north Qld in a yard and so moving to Sydney was extremely hard on all of us. Moving here for medical school meant I didn't have a lot of time or patience, I had tried frequent walks and puppy training pads and everything under the sun and was ready to send my dog to my mother because the stress of coming home and having to mop twice a day was driving my insane. This is literally the best invention ever and has saved my relationship with my dog and my partner! Exceptional customer service had also gone a long way in making me such a huge supporter of this company! I can't recommend it highly enough.

Caitlin K - Lane Cove - ★★★★★

Cannot recommend this enough! Whilst I’m out, my doggies were always having little ‘accidents’ but since they have been trained to go in the potty plant, my rugs/carpet/flooring are no longer a target area. They happily go on the potty plant and we are a much happier, cleaner household.

Jaime A - Bentleigh - ★★★★★

Great for apartment dwellers or those with no garden. No more odours, no more mess! and he took to it immediately. You will love this product

Erin T - Canberra - ★★★★★

Potty plant is a great dog toilet solution. Our furry son is toilet trained as soon as we have it. Please make sure that the potty plant is outdoor though as it'll help with the training.

Adrian S - Macquarie Park - ★★★★★

Perfect for city apartment living. Our Cavoodle loves his potty plant - really. Great service and best value on the market. No other service come close to the price or quality... trust me, we’ve tried all of them. The tray is a nice touch and I recommend it to anyone who lives in an apartment.

Daniel C - North Sydney - ★★★★★

I'm a fan of Potty Plant since I discovered it at the Dog Lovers Show. Total peace of mind that my dog can go when he wants. And it looks good too.

Heidi D - Redfern - ★★★★★

Excellent service. My dogs love their potty plant. Easy, convenient and looks great. Highly recommend it.

Jacquie H - Perigian Springs - ★★★★★

Great product. Saw it on Shark Tank and when I moved into my apartment in the 29th floor I knew exactly what I needed for the balcony. Have since converted a few people in the building to use the product.

Sean D - Melbourne - ★★★★★

This service is AWESOME ! Can’t imagine living without this now . Game changer for anyone with a pet in an apartment or with a small paved courtyard . Very happy me & very happy Flossy x

Regina J - Maroubra - ★★★★★

King Charles and both Ragdolls use it religiously. Saves me from throwing away tons and tons of nappy pads! Great product.

Lynn C - Melbourne - ★★★★★

Great for houses with just a courtyard, easy to change and always delivered on time.

Karen M - Warwick Farm - ★★★★★

Miss Wahine Tropicana  (Wa Wa) is a rescue doggy.  She spend her first 8 months of her life penned with her siblings, so she had not had any toilet training at all.  Weeing was done in her bed most of the time.  When I bought her home this was a real challenge.  Apartment living was a totally different world for her and the challenge was now on for me to toilet train her.  Once my Potty Plant arrived this changed completely, now she has worked out, this is where you go when you're not on lovely walks and the beach or park.  It took only 3 days for her to break her old habits.  However she still loves to chew her bones on it when the fresh new grass arrives each fortnight.....oh well dog's will be dogs.

Michelle H - Newstead - ★★★★★

Fantastic customer service, and what an excellent product!

Hope W - Kamerunga - ★★★★★

10 year old Saffron moved to an apartment in April after always having a big back yard! It took some encouragement, but we’re so pleased she now consistently uses her Potty Plant …happily!

Coppelia R - Newstead- Qld - ★★★★★

Potty Plant is absolutely the best gift I could give my puppy in an apartment. Without the luxury of an outdoor area with grass, she feels right at home with Potty Plant. Potty Plant has made her confident and independent in going to the toilet from an early age and I don’t have to worry about running down stairs or waiting in the lift for her to go to the park. Potty Plant is easy to clean and a brilliant product altogether. I would highly recommend apartment dwellers to purchase this very useful gift for your pet best thing I ever did!

Carolyn D - Double Bay - ★★★★★

Living in an apartment, we really needed something to help make looking after our new puppy as easy as possible, and Potty Plant has been a lifesaver. He actually wants to use it which has meant less cleaning up for us, especially when we’re not home to take him out. Would highly recommend Potty Plant to anyone looking to house train their new puppy.

Sharyn M - Clovelly - ★★★★★

The potty plant is a must have for every apartment dwelling dog. From a puppy I trained Madison to do her business on artificial grass but the transition to the potty plant was easy. As soon as I put it on the balcony, she sniffed it and did her thing! The best bit is there’s no more stinky fake grass to clean up!

Annabel K - Cammeray - ★★★★★

After many failed attempts with fake grass, Winnie started using the Potty Plant literally the minute it was delivered. As a friend said, fake grass might look like grass to you, but not to a dog – it is like telling them to pee on the carpet.

As soon as the new one turns up each week, she recognises the package and waits while we change it over for her so she can jump straight in and christen the lovely fresh grass.

The Potty Plant has saved us from so many trips down to the park and means she has access to grass all day, even when we are not home.

Best of all, when Winnie was sick a few weeks ago and soiled her grass, a quick email to Julia saw a fresh one delivered in a few hours which again saved many trips down in the lift and across to the park.

We really love Potty Plant – it has been such a labour saver for us and a fantastic thing for Winnie as she can use it whenever she chooses. Everyone that comes to our apartment and sees it cannot believe what a great system and good value it is. Thank you Julia.

Kirrily S - Potts Point - ★★★★★

The potty plant has been brilliant for me! Living in an apartment, it has meant I do not have to spend hours standing on the side of the road with my dog waiting for him to go. It is like having a miniature backyard!

My dog Murphy took to the potty plant in only a couple of days and I had no accidents in the house. It is so much better than training pads too as it is natural. I never wanted one of those fake grass ones either as they are stinky and just full of germs I would think!

Thanks for your innovative product which has made having Murphy in my apartment much easier.

Carla B - Marrickville - ★★★★★

After 18 months of cleaning “pet grass” that was purchased from Bunnings, Potty Plant is a godsend. I no longer have to scrub the “plastic grass” daily or purchase expensive anti-pee product. Once a week I have a fresh delivery of grass and dispose of the old grass in the rubbish. I am now able to open all doors on the balcony as there is no longer a pungent smell. My dogs love it too. They are very happy to use it and it does not burn their feet like the old grass. I would recommend it to anyone living in an apartment

Jane H- St Leonards - ★★★★★

Living in an apartment I had always wanted a small, but practical solution to toilet training my little Brussels Griffon, Duke. Prior to hearing about Potty Plant, I had been using a synthetic product, with essentially something that resembled kitty litter. It was awkward to clean and no matter what you used it still stank the house out!

I had always assumed that real grass would be much better than any synthetic product, however had never seen a solution, until like a shining bright light in a dark night, i came across Potty Plant. Not only is it fresh grass, but it’s delivered to your door!

Potty Plant has been easy to clean up, no smell and most importantly little Duke loves going to the bathroom on it! It has made apartment living with a dog manageable and toilet training a breeze! Now my friends come over and you wouldn’t even know I had a dog in the house (aside from all the toys on the floor of course)

I could not praise Potty Plant enough, from a quality product to great customer service, I would(and have) recommend it to any one with a dog in a space without a backyard or even grass!

Anastasi G - St Peters - ★★★★★

Julia, I wanted to thank you for introducing our family to Potty Plant! It has had a massive impact on our life and home. Living in Paddington and being restricted with outdoor space, we constantly battled the problems of having two dogs. The smell and mess became intolerable. Potty Plant was an absolute game changer! The dogs immediately responded to real grass and have used it from day one! As working parents, the practicality of the grass delivery program is something we highly value and appreciate. Well done to you and the team at Potty Plant!

Hani Z - Paddington - ★★★★★

We love Potty Plant – all three of us – myself, my partner and of course and most importantly Tulku, our old dog. Prior to PP, Tulku would need to use a piece of imitation grass, which has only one similarity to grass – the colour. Tulku started using PP right from the word go. PP doesn¹t smell, is easy to replace and depose of and is a great option for apartment living, for dogs of any age.

Lynn B - Paddington - ★★★★★

As a past owner of a synthetic grass pet loo, let me begin by saying they’re incredibly difficult to clean. After a few months the urine smell is impossible to remove, and when the loo was on my balcony, I found the unpleasant smell would travel into my home. What I love about Potty Plant is that the grass is replaced weekly/fortnightly and living grass doesn’t carry a smell. Best of all it’s simple to clean – just remove the grass, throw it away, and roll out the new turf. It’s quick and convenient and my dogs enjoy using it.

Michael L - Bardwell Park - ★★★★★

Absolutely love our Potty Plant! Our 7 month old British Bulldog puppy Tonka took to it straight away when he was just 8 weeks old. We love having the natural grass rather than plastic, we’ve never had an issue with smell and it’s been an amazing toilet training tool for Tonks! We’ve recommended it to all of our friends, couldn’t imagine apartment living without it! We also love supporting Australian small business and Julia has been so amazing to work with

Julia B - Rosebery - ★★★★★

Really great! Louie started using it straight away and he’s only had one or two accidents! It’s made toilet training with him much easier than we expected

Zoe T - Horningsea Park - ★★★★★

Best invention Julia!!!! No more ripped up pee pads, soaked and soggy papers and no more stench!!!! Cleaning up is now so much easier….

Sam K - Mascot - ★★★★★

We love the potty plant Hugo has not had any accidents since we’ve got it before he was pooping and peeing everywhere on the synthetic grass and even lifts his leg on the fire hydrant now as well!!

Sonia M - Mortlake - ★★★★★

The Potty Plant is going fab! It took them a couple of days to get used to it.. But now they love it! It’s such a great product!

Danielle J - Mascot - ★★★★★

Less than 24 hours and Bronte has used the Potty Plant!… Yeah!

Jamie K - Zetland - ★★★★★

Tonka loves his Potty Plant! He takes himself outside to go to the toilet. He’s been amazing. Only had one accident, it’s been a great training tool!

Julia B - Rosebery - ★★★★★

Frank has been using his grass all week and loving it. Definitely a better way to go

Nick C - Potts Point - ★★★★★

We currently have a weekly subscription that we’ve just started for the hydroponic grass which is working fantastically. I was pleasantly surprised that I went a few good days without cleaning.

Nat C - Matraville★★★★★

Thank you Potty Plant! Dumpling likes real grass under his feet – and thank you for letting us have that in the convenience of our home! Can’t wait for our new patch soon. Pee pee and poo poo made easy!

John L - Surry Hills★★★★★

I have had the Potty Plant for over a month and am very glad I bought it. One of my dogs is 15 years old and never ‘goes’ inside. As she is older she needs to go outside several times overnight. Getting up and taking her to the park at midnight, 2am and 4am was not a good sleeping pattern for me! She wouldn’t use puppy pee mats or kitty litter or dog nappies however she took to the Potty Plant almost immediately with very little training. Thank you Potty Plant!

Lisa C - Newtown★★★★★

We have been using the Potty Plant for the past 6 weeks at our apartment and could not be happier. We had tried so many other different options and nothing worked well. We have a Labrador so not a small dog and he loves using the real grass and the best thing is there is no smell at all in the apartment as we had the synthetic options on the market. It’s simple to clean and only needs to be done once a week. The company is great to work with. Always reliable and on time with each week’s delivery.

Stephen A - Vaucluse★★★★★