Potty Plant is the only in-home toilet training system for puppies and dogs delivered to your door. Don't waste time, energy, and money on puppy pads or synthetic grass. These products end up in our landfills and require daily cleaning. Most dogs have no idea how to use them because dogs naturally want to wee on REAL grass!

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The Potty Plant is Australia’s first real grass dog toilet. It was created to meet a real need for providing our puppies and dogs with the most natural and effective toileting tool possible.


Over 62,000 happy pooches

It's MESS-FREE, quick and easy to use Potty Plant

Remember how your place smelled BEFORE your dog arrived?

Say goodbye to stinky pee pads and scrubbing fake grass to keep those germs at bay.







Uses real grass which absorbs pee and pee odours. Unlike fake grass toilets that harbour germs and require daily emptying. Your dog will know what to do instinctively, just like at the park. So no more accidents!

No more waking up early or rushing home from work just to take your dog out to the toilet - this is your portable backyard that your dog will use and adore!

Dogs are naturally attracted to do their business on real grass so we guarantee yours will love the potty plant from first sniff or your money back!

Getting started with 

The first step is to order a Starter Kit that includes the Potty Plant - our patented tray that holds and protects the grass, plus the first grass. 

We offer the best quality grass and best value  subscription in Australia at $29.95 per week (with the purchase of a Potty Plant Tray)

Order your STARTER KIT online now.

Dogs instinctively gravitate towards real grass. They just know what to do with the Potty Plant. Simply place it on the balcony or in your preferred space and you will find your dog taking care of himself just like he does at the park! 

It’s your all natural, 100% eco-friendly, alternative to plastic pee pads! Because fresh grass is a living thing, it does a great job of absorbing odours. That also means it needs to be replaced frequently.  Once the fresh grass needs replacing, sign on to a Grass Subscription that can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly to your door. 

Still not convinced? See what our customers say about us...

These two pups are absolutely loving their new Potty Plant! Every indoor dog owner out there, your pooch seriously needs one of these they are awesome. No smell, no more accidents and your best friend will certainly thank you for it. Ships straight to your door. Thank you potty plant.  

Brooke C - Kyneton VIC - ★★★★★

An amazing product. From day one home with our puppy she was drawn to the grass! Within three days she was fully toilet trained because of this! Georgie loves the grass and gets excited about the new arrival of the grass! Best part is no mess and no smell! Thank you! 

Michelle B - Cooks Hill - ★★★★★

I got this mainly for my 15 year old JRT who thinks using the doggy door and the five steps down to the backyard is a bit too much for an old lady. Works excellent, she just adjusted to it in a few weeks automatically. As I live in Tasmania I could only get the frame but I pick up instant turf every two weeks from a local nursery. Easy as!

Anna E - Hobart - ★★★★★

So I’ve been worried about how to balance living in a high rise unit with my beautiful Cashy and doing some part time work. Enter the Potty Plant starter kit. Yes, not cheap but the pee pads and synthetic grass things provided no interest to my fussy little lad. It arrived today. I put it out on the balcony, showed Cashy, pointed at it, said the magic words and bingo! The pee flowed within 3 seconds. Oh thank you, Universe! And the makers of this brilliant product. Now I can go tomorrow and not be filled with anxiety about my boy’s welfare

Debra L - Gold Coast - ★★★★★

After over a year of smelly puppy urine on synthetic grass and many hours of disinfecting and scrubbing, I finally had the grass removed and put down pavers, to no avail, the pavers were porous resulting in the same issue, then sealed the pavers which only slightly improved the problem. A big Thanku to Potty Plants for pets, amazing, no more smell and no more stress over the stench of urine.

Michelle H - Hendra QLD - ★★★★★

We have been using potty plant for over a month now on a weekly subscription. It’s been amazing! Our Samoyed puppy used it instinctively and although we had a problem with her digging we purchased the grate which solved that issue. There is no smell (unless she misses which something happens when she is being lazy) and easy to change. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Dannielle A - Moorebank - ★★★★★